How Medical Device Manufacturers Can Optimize Quality, Lower Costs, and Increase Efficiency

Medical device manufacturing has minimal tolerance for error—and quality is of the utmost importance. If your products don’t deliver what you promise, lives can be at stake. At the same time, product returns erode your profit margins, while customer satisfaction can make—or break—your reputation. For companies with unique patented products, meeting demand puts added pressure on every stage of your supply chain.

This white paper by the Copley Consulting Group explains how you can make a commitment to lean processes while raising your quality standards, improving efficiency, and driving down costs. It’s important to create efficiencies in your manufacturing processes, but this often involves taking small incremental steps.

Find out more about educating your organization about these opportunities, driving down costs, and systematically removing waste and uneven workloads from your manufacturing processes below:



eBook: Realistic Simulation for Medical Device Developers

Today, medical device developers use realistic simulation solutions from SIMULIA to accelerate the overall product innovation process, reduce development costs, and improve patient safety and product quality.

This Q&A eBook with Dassault Systèmes explores realistic simulation and its massive potential to dramatically transform healthcare.

Included is a video where Dr. Steve Levine, of Dassault Systèmes, discusses 3D Design and Collaborative Platforms to Support Digital Health at Generis’ American Medical Device Summit 2016.

Check out the eBook and the video below! 



White Paper: 2013 North American Test Asset Management Solutions for Aerospace & Defense Customer Value Enhancement Award

With the present economic uncertainty, companies across all sectors in North America are increasingly being faced with a challenge to reduce their overall costs. Companies in the aerospace and defense sector, in particular, are striving to differentiate themselves in order to compete more efficiently in an environment characterized by decreasing defense spending. In such a scenario, a primary concern for these companies is to improve their engineering productivity.

This white paper focuses on the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement, an award that is presented every year to a company that has demonstrated excellence when it comes to implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers. There is also a focus on improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products.

The Sente Group has been chosen as the worthy recipient of the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award in the North American Test Asset Management market for Aerospace & Defense. Focusing on serving the needs of the aerospace and defense sector, Sente offers a range of solutions to help organizations manage their test assets and resources more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Q&A with Intermex Industrial Parks: Sourcing Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturers in North America

In this Q&A eBook, find out how to thrive in an industry where production costs are soaring and the competition is cutthroat. Also, learn how to become a lean organization, thrive in a fast-paced world, enhance quality, and apply strategic sourcing operations.

If North American manufacturers want to outsource, leaders have to change their mindset to adapt to a worldwide view and use geographic diversity to their advantage. When a company is doing well and the idea of change comes up, it may be difficult to allow that in a culture of complacency. -Intermex

Find out more about sourcing challenges and solutions for manufacturers in North America from Intermex in the Q&A eBook below! 



Presentation: Metal Powder, Aerostructures, and Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the process of synthesizing a three-dimensional object. The object is created using sequential layers of material, formed under computer control. Additive manufacturing is really the process of the future, as it can be used across industries.

The Hoeganaes Corporation is on the forefront of innovation when it comes to additive manufacturing, as Hoeganaes has created AncorAM, a new family of products focused on high-tech materials for additive manufacturing. Hoeganaes is also:

  • The world’s largest manufacturer of sintered components and a leading producer of metal powder.
  • A leading tier one supplier of Aerostructures and engine products and systems to the global aerospace industry.
  • The leading tier one supplier of automotive driven systems and solutions to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.
  • A leading supplier of powder managements products and solutions for agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial equipment.

See the full presentation below for more information about the Hoeganaes Corporation and these manufacturing processes.



Effective supplier management for medical device manufacturers

This informative article speaks about four key ways to build better relationships with your suppliers:

Whether you are a startup medical device manufacturer or a Fortune 1000 corporation, establishing and preserving progressive relationships with your suppliers is critical to your success. Not only are you managing your inventory levels to make sure that you always have the right components in stock to meet orders, but at the same time you’re managing compliance regulations and customer satisfaction. Your relationship with your suppliers is a crucial part of how you manage these challenges.

It’s time to start building better relationships so that you can establish trust and over time, the supplier will begin investing more to ensure your success. Find out more below! 



Infographic: Top 5 Advantages of Operating Your Business in Mexico

There are many advantages when looking to run your business in Mexico, as there is no red tape, no hidden costs, no incorporation needed, and a large, experienced group of executive, managers, engineers, and supervisors trained by foreign companies.

This infographic delves into the top 5 advantages and shows you why Mexico is a great option for businesses in North America.


Intermex has been part of the success of over 200 multi-national companies manufacturing and distributing in Mexico. The process of combining foreign capital and technology with Mexican labor, industrial facilities,  and community, has been Intermex’s core value for 40 years. Intermex provides a competitive edge for success and profitability of your operations in Mexico. Find more about Intermex here.


Article: A global leader in metal powder production targets Additive Manufacturing

The growth in metal Additive Manufacturing has attracted a wide range of companies to enter the market to supply metal powders, however, few have the track record of Hoeganaes Corporation in the production of powders for industrial parts production. In the following article, the company reports on the development of gas atomised titanium powders for metal AM, along with its ambitions to introduce more cost effective water atomised powders that have the potential to help the industry move towards higher volume production.

As a leading supplier to the global automotive industry, Hoeganaes is keen to advance the development of water atomisation technology for AM iron powders and it has launched research programs with key customers.

Find out more about quality control in Additive Manufacturing (AM), titanium powders for AM, reducing costs with advanced water atomisation technology, and more in the full article below!



Infographic: Fact-Based Negotiation to Get the Best Price on Purchased Components

Conducting fact-based negotiations is an effective cost reduction strategy when sourcing components. The infographic below explains how to leverage a product cost management (PCM) platform to conduct more effective fact-based negotiations.

Check out the full infographic below!

aPriori’s product costing software generates detailed cost estimates and connects all members of your product team to relevant views of cost data – from sales to supplier, from concept to customer.

Hear more from aPriori by joining the discussion at the American Aerospace & Defense Summit on December 6-7 in Scottsdale, Arizona.



Top Medical Device Industry Regulations—and Why They Matter

It’s important to keep up with compliance mandates because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps a close watch on the medical device industry. If there is an accident involving your devices, it could damage the lives of your patients and the reputation of your company.

This article focuses on the most significant FDA quality regulatory programs to be aware of, and tips on how to avoid fines and court action for non-compliance.

Read the full article here.


For more information about keeping up with regulations, visit The Copley Consulting Group and Infor CloudSuite Industrial for Medical Devices.