The Importance of Creating a Quality Focused Culture: Manufacturing

Corporate culture influences all aspects of an organizations productivity, profitability and competitiveness.  In the Culture of Quality study conducted by Forbes Insights & ASQ, only 59% of study participants stated that their companies exhibit a Culture of Quality.  However, organizations that have implemented quality driven management programs have reaped the performance and productivity benefits;  Rebecca Yeung of FedEx, is quoted as finding that since the launch of their quality management program in 2008, FedEx has been “able to achieve hundreds of millions of dollars of cost savings”.

World class, high performing companies are defined by their focus on culture and quality.  The development and maintenance of such a culture requires the participation of all levels of management from executive, to middle as leadership and culture are interdependent. Senior leaders say, do and reward behaviors that create culture and allow for or derail successful implementation of change.

The Foundations of a Quality Culture

Develop a culture that focuses on quality and drives organizational goals with insights from the upcoming American Medical Device Summit taking place on September 21-22nd, 2015 in Chicago.


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