Warehouse & Facility Safety: Forklift-Free Environments


According to the Federal OHSA there are over 100 forklift related fatalities annually in the US alone.  Forklifts are also the cause of over 20,000 injuries annually in the US.  In the hopes of developing a safer work environment many manufacturers are looking into options that will allow their facilities to operate forklift free.  Seegrid,  the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, has released the whitepaper below that discusses the use of vision guided vehicles as an  automation handling alternative to forklifts in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

In the whitepaper below, Seegrid explores the causes of forklift related injuries and discusses the benefits of vision guided vehicles (VGVs) as an alternative.  The whitepaper explains how the adoption of VGVs will lead to increased safety as well as decreased costs and enhanced efficiency.

seegrid forklift-free


For more information on VGVs and their use in warehouses and manufacturing facilities visit Seegrid Online or join the discussion at the American Manufacturing Summit 2016 taking place on February 29th – March 1st in Chicago.


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