Success Story: Reducing Radar Component Test Time by 75% and Improving Vehicle Passenger Safety

Recently, Averna was faced with a tough challenge. 

Autoliv Inc. needed an automated tester for a Short Range Radar Digital Signal Processing Board used in passenger vehicles. The tester needed to perform 2 batch process model executions in parallel, controlling 12 UUTs simultaneously in high‑volume production.


Now, fortunately, this is a consumer success story, and Averna was able to use NI TestStand and NI PXI products to develop a tester with a shared hardware architecture that allows the customer to exploit the full potential of its test instruments.

Averna’s solution has reduced UUT testing and loading time by 75% while boosting throughput and ensuring stringent quality standards.

Find out more about how Averna was able to reduce test times and simplify the operator experience by downloading the success story here.



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