eBook: Avoid Catastrophic Events by Future-Proofing with NDT

“The automotive industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation, including improving safety features. Inspection and quality control are the most important safety tools in today’s business world.”

Non-destructive testing has been utilized for more than one hundred years and has come a long way since the early years. For example, today the proactive use of NDT can eliminate non-conforming parts from incoming material streams. By assuming a proactive NDT approach, manufacturers are able to catch nonconformances that aren’t detectable by visual or functional inspections. Our pioneers would be proud.

Peter Miller, President of Advanced Material Solutions (AMS), shares his insights on the topic of future-proofing in the manufacturing industry, highlighting four key steps manufacturers should take to approach non-destructive testing in this Q & A with Generis.

Check out the eBook below!



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