Word Press: Five Considerations When Justifying an Investment in ERP

Organizations entering into an ERP project begin their journey by making a business case for ERP. The effort involves determining an expected return on investment, anticipating total costs and fully documenting the business case for investing in a new or upgraded system.

This can’t-miss paper makes the case that it is critical to document the business reasons for an investment in ERP. You’ll see the reasons to calculate the expected value to offset the cost. Identifying risk is part of the process, as is putting in plans to mitigate risk.

This white paper by Ultra Consultants will identify five considerations to keep in mind when justifying an investment in ERP leveraging Ultra Consultants’ experience in helping manufacturers with this process.

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An Interview with Bill Remy, Chairman and CEO, TBM Consulting Group

Bill Remy is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at TBM Consulting and a member of the Board of Directors. He has 30plus years of leadership experience in general management and manufacturing operations. Bill’s areas of expertise include operational performance improvement through LeanSigma deployment in manufacturing operations, supply chain, product development and project management. He has experience in a broad array of business leadership positions across various industries including aerospace and defense, railway, industrial and agricultural equipment, technology and process automation. Bill returned to TBM in the summer of 2011 after working at Invensys as Vice President, Continuous Improvement. Prior to Invensys, Bill led the initiative

Bill returned to TBM in the summer of 2011 after working at Invensys as Vice President, Continuous Improvement. Prior to Invensys, Bill led the initiative.

This Q&A eBook with Bill Remy will touch on the ways that technology is transforming the manufacturing and supply chain industries, lean manufacturing, technology investments, and best practices for manufacturing managers.

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Automation Today

As manufacturers struggle to fill highly skilled production positions—according to NAM (National Association of Manufacturers), “80 percent of manufacturers report a moderate or serious shortage of qualified applicants for skilled and highly skilled production positions”—technology may need to step in to fill the gap.

As the article “Automation Today” by FARO Technologies states: “It’s no secret that manufacturing continues to become more automated, and manufacturing output per worker is on the rise.” Smart factories are sought after because they are quickly becoming the “factories of the future,” while growing changes in automation become difficult to ignore.

Find out more about the latest advancements in optical 3D measurement and automation technology in the article below including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Automated Metrology; and
  • Cobalt.


Case Study: Averna Accelerates Production Testing for Automotive Radar

Case Study/Automotive

Check out Averna‘s informative case study on production testing for automotive radar, and discover the solution to wide-ranging test needs in the automotive industry.


This case study explores:

  • Industry changes dictating test system evolution
  • Optimizing the test system design
  • Expanding business opportunities
  • Automated EOL test sequence
  • Automated RF signal processing
  • Automation innovations and benefits
  • Key RF tests and measurements


These are a few of the key topics that Averna reviews in this latest case study. Download the full PDF here.


About Averna

A worldwide Test & Quality leader, Averna delivers innovative solutions for clients –including many Global 1000s – in numerous industries. Averna’s talented team includes hundreds of engineers, system architects, developers, project managers, and other professionals, as well as a network of partners such as National Instruments, Keysight Technologies, and JOT Automation.

We’re happy to have Averna attend our American Automotive Summit, 2016, on November 10-11th, to share further insights with our attendees. Tap into Averna’s Test & Quality know-how, products, and custom solutions to get ahead in your market today!

The Benefits of Test Engineering Services for the Entire Product Life Cycle


Medical device developers are under increasing pressure to develop new features and better quality products while speeding time to market. One of the ways that developers are achieving this goal is by adopting automation software that will allow them to streamline their product development and test times without sacrificing quality. Averna, a Test Engineering leader, generated the video below to highlight the benefits of automation software and explain how it can help address some of the biggest challenges that medical device developers face.  Check out the video below: