Managing Your Cold Supply Chain to Ensure Your Vaccinations Get to Where They’re Needed Most

World Courier is transporting Zika diagnostic test kits to and from South America.

Companies trust us to transport and store time- and temperature-sensitive products, and the urgent and sensitive Zika diagnostic test kits are no exception! In the midst of concerns, especially for the well-being of athletes, World Courier’s capability and expertise are another reason to have peace of mind.

The Zika virus was a huge fear for the 2016 Olympic summer games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the white paper below, World Courrier explains the process and challenges of transporting Zika tests for the 2016 Olympic games to ensure the safety of the Olympic athletes and those attending.

Take a look at the full white paper below!


Q&A eBook with Advanced Material Solutions: The Importance of Non-destructive Testing in Manufacturing

Competitive forces are driving unheard-of levels of innovation in product design, materials and lean manufacturing processes. A rigorous and proactive approach to risk containment is essential to protect your brand and bottom line.

Today’s non-destructive testing field is comprised of several commonly utilized techniques and several others that aren’t as commonly employed. Each technique has its advantages and limitations. No single method is superior, however, AMS’ expertise lies in the team’s ability to identify and deploy the ideal inspection method for each project at the best overall value.

Find out more about non-destructive testing, future-proofing best practices, and financial justification in the Q&A eBook with Advanced Material Solutions below!


Join us at the American Manufacturing Summit March 28-29, 2017 in Chicago, IL to hear the President of Advanced Material Solutions, Peter Miller, speak on “Future-Proofing Manufacturing Through Non-destructive Testing.”

Top Medical Device Industry Regulations—and Why They Matter

It’s important to keep up with compliance mandates because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps a close watch on the medical device industry. If there is an accident involving your devices, it could damage the lives of your patients and the reputation of your company.

This article focuses on the most significant FDA quality regulatory programs to be aware of, and tips on how to avoid fines and court action for non-compliance.

Read the full article here.


For more information about keeping up with regulations, visit The Copley Consulting Group and Infor CloudSuite Industrial for Medical Devices.

eBook: Avoid Catastrophic Events by Future-Proofing with NDT

“The automotive industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation, including improving safety features. Inspection and quality control are the most important safety tools in today’s business world.”

Non-destructive testing has been utilized for more than one hundred years and has come a long way since the early years. For example, today the proactive use of NDT can eliminate non-conforming parts from incoming material streams. By assuming a proactive NDT approach, manufacturers are able to catch nonconformances that aren’t detectable by visual or functional inspections. Our pioneers would be proud.

Peter Miller, President of Advanced Material Solutions (AMS), shares his insights on the topic of future-proofing in the manufacturing industry, highlighting four key steps manufacturers should take to approach non-destructive testing in this Q & A with Generis.

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Success Story: Reducing Radar Component Test Time by 75% and Improving Vehicle Passenger Safety

Recently, Averna was faced with a tough challenge. 

Autoliv Inc. needed an automated tester for a Short Range Radar Digital Signal Processing Board used in passenger vehicles. The tester needed to perform 2 batch process model executions in parallel, controlling 12 UUTs simultaneously in high‑volume production.


Now, fortunately, this is a consumer success story, and Averna was able to use NI TestStand and NI PXI products to develop a tester with a shared hardware architecture that allows the customer to exploit the full potential of its test instruments.

Averna’s solution has reduced UUT testing and loading time by 75% while boosting throughput and ensuring stringent quality standards.

Find out more about how Averna was able to reduce test times and simplify the operator experience by downloading the success story here.


Big Challenges for Testing Today’s Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have become a commodity; devices act as fitness and health trackers, work and lifestyle guides as well as medical monitors.  According to The Business Insider the “global wearables market will grow at a compound annual rate of 35% over the next 5 years”.   This growth will bring a range of lifestyle enhancing and potentially life-changing accessories directly to consumers and to the healthcare industry at large.  As the market evolves, developers and manufacturers will find themselves faced with an array of functionalities and processes that need to be rigorously tested in order to ensure consumer satisfaction, safety and regulatory compliance.  Averna, a Test Engineering Leader, generated the whitepaper “High Tech, Will Travel” to outline some of the current and upcoming challenges in testing wearable devices. A brief preview is below, click on the image or link to Download the full whitepaper!


high tech, will travel

We are thrilled to have Averna join us at the upcoming American Medical Device Summit 2016! To find out more about the summit and join the discussion this October 5-6, visit: